Some of the files we use for assignments can be too large to send by email.

UCONN provides  “dropbox” service to help.  The “drop box” is a temporary storage area on a UCONN server.  You can temporarily store a very large file there, and receive a link to that file that you can share with others, while the link is still active.

The only restriction is that EITHER the person who UPLOADED the file OR the person who is DOWNLOADING the file, must do so when logged in to the UCONN network:

  • If you upload a file from home or elsewhere, I will need to log into the UCONN network to download it.
  • If you upload from the UCONN network, I can download it anywhere.


  • Click on the link above.
  • Click on “Choose File” then select the file from your computer
  • Click on “Upload File”
  • When the file has finished uploading, a link will appear
  • Copy the link and paste it into an email to the person you want to share the file with.

Good luck!